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shiner bockDo you like grapefruit? How about a kicky hint of ginger?

If that’s you, you’re gonna love this canned summer seasonal straight outta Texas.

Shiner’s Ruby Redbird is light, refreshing and not at all bitter. It’s also doesn’t overdo it with the ABV—it clocks in at only 4 percent—which means you can drink one, two and even three without getting all Northwest IPA loopy legless.

And, as you would expect from a Lone Star brew, it pairs quite nicely with some Deviled Eggs, a plate of Pulled Pork, a half Smoked Chicken or, if you’re crazy hungry, all of the above.



brisketAsk any Southerner worth her whalebone petticoat or his shiny seersucker suit what barbecue is, and they’ll tell you what it ain’t: it ain’t grilling.

Grilling is a Yankee pastime that involves firing up the grill and flipping a few burgers between a few cold ones on a warm summer night.

Barbecue, they’ll tell you, is an all-day affair. It means waking up early, rubbing your meats and slow-cooking them in the smoker. And if you don’t have a smoker, you just dig a hole in the ground and cook ‘em in that.

And even we don’t hail from the South (or the Republic of Texas), we do it the way they do it. We get up early. We rub out meats and we smoke them all day—from sun up to sunset—in our indoor and outdoor smokers to make sure that your brisket, ribs, lamb, chicken, fish and pig are tender, juicy and evenly smoked.


good life sweet asWe frequently rotate our canned beers in order to showcase just what this region’s craft brewers are up to.

What you may not know is that we do it for us, too.

And one of our favorites right now is Bend-based GoodLife Brewing’s Sweet As Pacific Ale.

Why do we like it so much?

  • It’s got a 6 percent ABV
  • It’s smooth
  • It’s sessionable
  • It’s got just a trace of the right kind of bitter
  • And, above all, it pairs with everything

Ask us to pop a cap, and see so for yourself while you wait it with anything. We know we’ll be popping some for ourselves—once our shifts end, that is.


carrie nationIf you’re looking to stick a 21st-century thumb in the eye of a 20th-century cause, consider the boys at Carlton Cyderworks.

They’ve got but four ciders, but they’ve cheekily named one of them after the wielder of hatchets, smasher of kegs, smiter of barrels and all around killjoy, Carrie Nation.

It leans a little sweeter than their other ciders, but that doesn’t mean it won’t gone down nice and smooth with white, meaty and creamy things: think Smoked Half Chickens or Pulled Pork with Cole Slaw and Macaroni and Cheese.

And while it’s less dry, it’s as equally as potent as Carlton’s other ciders: it’s got an ABV of 6.25 percent, which crushes most of our canned beers. And it comes in a half-liter bottle.

Get you some the next time you’re in. Bible not included, but you can bring your own, if you want to.


chickenSo why do chickens cross the road (lined up here like pretty little ducks, all in a row)?

To mock Michael Bluth’s hobbledehoyishness?

To cannibalize another chicken? (They are mean and nasty, you know, and jurassically stupid.)


They cross the road to get rubbed and smoked on the regs.

And to get chopped in half.

And to get eaten.

By you.

With some greens.

And some slaw.

And a beer and a shot.

It’s what’s for dinner.

And lunch.

And if it’s Happy Hour, we do ‘em slider style, too.

Barbecued smoked chicken: It’s about as vegan as we get.

*Man, that really is kinduva funny word, ain’t it?