sessionWhen the crafty beer makers at Full Sail Brewing Co. launched their red Sessions lines, it was a way to offer an easy to drink “sessionable” beer—the kind your old man would drink after mowing the lawn (and sometimes during).

They even packaged it in nostalgic stubby 12-ounce bottles.

Well, their Black Lager has similar nostalgic roots: think of Germany, where lagers come in all stripes and colors.

Well, Full Sail’s Session Black remains just as easy to drink as its pale cousin, but its maltiness is beefed up with hints of chocolate, making for a much more flavorful, robust beer.

And at, 5.4 ABV, each one is pretty sessionable.

Well, at least by Oregon’s standards. If your pops is loyal to the Big Beer domestics, these little stubbies will sneak up on him and knock him on his ass, which means you’ll have to finish mowing the lawn.


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