brisketAsk any Southerner worth her whalebone petticoat or his shiny seersucker suit what barbecue is, and they’ll tell you what it ain’t: it ain’t grilling.

Grilling is a Yankee pastime that involves firing up the grill and flipping a few burgers between a few cold ones on a warm summer night.

Barbecue, they’ll tell you, is an all-day affair. It means waking up early, rubbing your meats and slow-cooking them in the smoker. And if you don’t have a smoker, you just dig a hole in the ground and cook ‘em in that.

And even we don’t hail from the South (or the Republic of Texas), we do it the way they do it. We get up early. We rub out meats and we smoke them all day—from sun up to sunset—in our indoor and outdoor smokers to make sure that your brisket, ribs, lamb, chicken, fish and pig are tender, juicy and evenly smoked.

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