margaritaCinco de Mayo. In Mexico—and really, in just one Mexican town—it’s a day for celebration because years ago, the people in that town liberated it, and themselves, from French colonialists.

But north of the border, it’s a day to celebrate…well, no one’s really sure. But it’s probably because clever and enterprising marketers and advertisers simply used that date to promote the sale of imported Mexican beers to unsuspecting North Americans.

As our craft beer menu suggests, we encourage you to skip the yellow fizz that is Big Beer and go local instead.

And most of you are doing so. But if you’re looking to put your thumb in the big eye that’s Big Beer, and you’re truly intent on celebrating Cinco de Mayo (and let’s face it, if you’re jazzed about it, you may simple be looking for an excuse to get legless), have a Margarita instead.

Our is of the classic kind: tequila, triple sec, lime and lemon juices, a splash or orange in a salt-rimmed Mason jar.

So swing by and celebrate with a glass or two. Just make sure you order enough grub to give your tummy a nice meat cushion to absorb all that gullet-falling tequila.

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