racer 5While it may sound hubristic for the brewers of Racer 5 IPA to brag that “there’s a trophy in every glass” of their flagship beer, they do have a point: it’s been winning awards and festivals since 1999.

That it drinks good doesn’t hurt either. In fact, it drinks pretty damned good.

In fact, we think this Bear Republic beer is so in line with what we do that we’ve decided to abandon our Cans Only policy just to share it with you.

So yeah. It comes in a bottle, but it’s mighty (7.5 percent ABV), it pairs impossibly well with creamy, spicy things (think racks of ribs or hot links paired with double orders of mac) and, for being a heavyweight, it’s slyly smooth.

So get’cher motor running, belly up and go for spicy and creamy.

Just keep in mind that 7.5 percent ain’t no joke.


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