CBGC wineYeah, yeah. We mix cocktails now. And we’ve always served beer. In cans. In Koozies.

But we also serve what’s probably the most neglected menu item on any barbecuer’s menu: wine.

And boy (and girl), do have some keepers.

See, our wine list’s been recently updated. Not just updated, but curated. Intuitively curated, in fact.

So when you need a sipper to class up your Smoked Chicken, cole slaw and pickled vegetables, we’ve know exactly what to send your way.

And that just the right wine’s Grochau Cellar’s Argentine-inspired CBGC Malbec.

It straddles those tightrope lines between spicy, delicate and bold. It’ll make your food taste better and make your heart a little happier.

Plus, for a wine, it’s a little rock ’n’ roll. Just like us. And just like you.


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