Smoked Beef Tongue

tongueWe know that just the idea of eating tongue gives plenty of you a case of the squicks.

But here’s the thing:

Our smoked beef tongue is a delicacy. Trust us on this. If this ain’t your new favorite dish on our menu—maybe even your new favorite dish in town—then there may be something wrong with your own taster.

Slivers of tongue are plated with roasted pickled beets, pickled fennel and a schmear of and our Deviled Eggs egg yolk.

But it’s the tongue that really does the trick.

Now tongues can be tricky if the cook doesn’t know what he’s doing—they can be tough and chewy and, well, sorta icky.

But BJ does know what he’s doing—he braises our tongues for two hours, then smokes them for three, so that they’re soft, tender and irresistibly edible.

Kiss the cow, people. Kiss the cow.

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