logo handsAt present, BJ’s is in the air, en route to Austin, Texas, where he’s taking part in cooking up a couple of dishes at Austin’s Foreign & Domestic for their annual Indie Chefs Week.

Over five days, Beej’ll be teaming up with chefs from around the country (including fellow PDXers Jason French and Tamar Riad, as well as a whole mess of Texans) to bring a taste of how the PACNW interprets American Barbecue in the heart of the state that birthed it (Shhh…don’t tell Carolina or Kansas City!).

Tomorrow, he’ll prepare espresso-rubbed pork cheeks, which he’ll serve with a molted parsnip puree, which he’s gonna follow up on Saturday with a bunch of Foie Gras Jell-O shots—yup: he’s turning goose livers into Jell-O, which’ll come with a kumquat conserva.

Wish him luck! In the meantime, the fort will be held down for those of you craving some down home barbecue in your own backyard.

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