Huevos Rancheros

S21 huevosSooner or later, it seems that every Portland restaurateur inaugurates a brunch menu. All the cool kids are doing it. Or at least most of them are.

Well now you can add us to that list, too—er…sort of.

A while back we introduced our meal-worthy Spicy Bloody Mary, complete with a meat-and-pickled veggie salad and a spicy rub rim.

Now, to pair with that, we bring you what we’re calling Huevos Rancheros—Smokehouse-style.

Yeah, it’s only one brunch item, but here’s what you get: a double order of BBQ beans—chockablock, as always, with trimmings too small to make a meal out of (rib ends, brisket, that kinda thing)—topped with melted cheddar cheese, a pair of sunny side up eggs, a wide stripe of salsa, and garnishes of pickled onions and Fritos.

Of course, you can always personalize your own huevos with one of our four housemade sauces, to give your brunch smokey twist.

So drop by and dig in anytime between the hours of 11:30am and 4pm, any Saturday or Sunday.

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