new deal dealsIf you’re bummed that you missed our 2-year birthday celebration earlier this week, don’t be, because we’re still celebrating.

Thanks to the fine and very generous distillers at New Deal, who donated to us several bottles of liquor and liqueurs, the party continues.

In addition to our seven signature house cocktails, we have, until the booze dries up, a handful of other craft cocktails, steeply discounted, exclusively made with New Deal spirits.

Order up a(n):

  • Eastern Cowboy (New Deal Vodka, Mud Puddle Chocolate Liqueur and Cream)
  • Ginger Donkey (Whiskey, New Deal Ginger Liqueur and Ginger Ale)
  • Huckleberry Gin Collins (New Deal Gin No. 33, Lemon, Lime, Soda and Huckleberry Puree)
  • Smokin’ Fillie (Hot Monkey Vodka, Pineapple Juice and Grenadine)

Collect ’em all and get ’em while they last, because once they’re gone, they’re gone, folks.


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