emIt’s once again time to dust off your Stetson, polish your boots and put a little jingle in your spurs, because we’re celebrating our second year in business with all-day food and drink specials, followed by several quick-draw rounds of Cowboy Bingo.

Our all-day party kicks off at 11:30am, Monday, November 11, and we’ll go until the there’s nothing left but empty beer cans and rib bones chewed bare. Cowboy Bingo starts at 9pm, sharp.

Expect all-day food specials, discounted wines by the glass, craft beers by the can, new seasonal cocktails, down-and-dirty country music, pressed Wranglers and plaid pearl-buttoned shirts.

Plus, the folks from New Deal Distillery will be on-hand to make sure that everyone’s spirits remain high.

Swing by, get your fill of smoked meats and wish us a “Happy Birthday” as we cross into our terrible twos! And then, if your numbers come up, stand and shout “Bingo!” If you’re a winner, you’ll take home gift certificates and Smokehouse swag.

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