friseeYou might remember our Frisee Salad (pictured here)—we launched it just a few weeks after we first opened our doors on 11/11/11.

Well, we’re brining it back, except this time, we’re swapping out the frisee in favor of butter lettuce.

Otherwise, the ingredients are in tact: same cubes of marinated celery root, same cornbread croutons, same brown butter vinaigrette, same smoked chicken mixed throughout.

And most importantly, you won’t have the same feeling of overdoing it, same post-prandial productivity  should you opt for a large lunchtime platter of smoked meat.

If your belly doesn’t thank you, your boss will.

Of course, you can always take the day off and start with the salad, and then finish off your brisket entree with a beer or two.

But only if you hate your job.

Or your boss.

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