mac and cheeseIf Smokehouse 21 were to have a coat of arms, then that coat of arms would feature a pig. And riding atop that pig would be a baby—a fat one. In one hand, that baby would grasp a spoon. In the other, a bowl of every child—and adult’s—favorite comfort food: a healthy, hearty bowl of mac and cheese.

And with summer finally over, ’tis the season for noodles, bacon lardons, cornbread crusts and cheddar, asiago and gorgonzola cheeses.

Just ask anyone worth her whalebone petticoat or his seersucker suit, and they’ll tell you that nothing pairs with a slab of smoked meat better than a good, rich and creamy bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese.

Pair yours with some brisket and some braised greens, or ask us to pile some pulled pork atop a double dose of those cheesy noodles. Just make sure to schedule a few minutes afterward to walk it all off before bedding down for the night.

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