green dragonIf you’re of a certain age, you’ve probably had a Vodka Bomb, otherwise known in polite company as Vodka and Red Bull mixer.

Because our newest drink has that same pull-you-in-two-directions-at-once vibe that the Vodka Bomb has, we’ve dubbed it the Green Dragon.

You know, Red Bull? Green Dragon?

Except our vodka’s infused with pears. And ginger. And our stimulant isn’t taurine, but caffeine, from green tea.

Ergo: Green Dragon.

Of course, it won’t pull you as far down the trembling hands road as that other one. So it’s healthier, in so far as vodka is considered healthy. And because it’s got pears, ginger and green tea, it’s definitely tastier.

But we’re not sure about that name. If you can do better, hit us up and let us know. If we like it, we’ll use it and give you a prize.

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