smokey bloodyIn Portland, everybody does a Bloody Mary. And now, so do we.

We all know that this town’s full of good ones—great ones, really—so what makes our so special?

Well, if you were to take everything we do exceedingly well and mash it all up into one true thing, then this Bloody is that one true thing.

Of course, there’s the housemade mix. Gotta have that. But why settle for regular old vodka when you can infuse that vodka with bay leaves? And peppercorns? And chiles de árbol?

Now, every Bloody needs a salad, and ours is made with an olive, seasonally pickled vegetables and one thick oblong ribbon sliced from one of our spicy hot link sausages.

But our coup d’grace’s gotta be the rim. Again, why give your Bloody a simple salt rim when you can rim it with the spices we use to dry rub our pulled pork.

You may yet know what you’re missing, but once you get a taste, you will. This thing’ll spice up your dreams and leave you craving one every time you wake up, now matter how long the night before was.

Oh, and before we forget: why limit Bloody Marys to Bloody Sundays, right? Order one any time you wish.


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