heirloom tomato saladNothin’ like heirloom tomatoes. When you eat one, a good one, it’s like your tongue is an orchestra, and your taste buds a choir that the tomato conducts.

Well, they’re back. The tomatoes. Specifically, our Heirloom Tomato Salad’s back.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, raw red onions and a sherry vinaigrette, when mixed together is what the South tastes like. Sans, of course, the smoked meat.

Crumble on it a little feta cheese and you’ve got something light, healthy, tart, tangy and vaguely Mediterranean.

And while It may lack meat, we think this vegetarian dish is something around which even the most militant carnivores can rally.

Hell, we’ll skip the cheese, too, which means you can even bring your vegan friends with you.


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