rooster tailThere’s lots of ways to skin a cat, but there’s really only one way to shoot a shot. Unless that shot’s a tequila shot. Then there are many.

If you’re in Mexico, you’d sip it like you’d sip bourbon. but you’re not, so shoot it. And shoot it like this:

By chasing it with a shot of OJ, then chasing that shot with a shot of tomato juice.

Trust. Don’t mangle that order. That tart acid in the OJ kinda spikes all those smokey tequila notes, but now you’ve got a bright fruity feel in your mouth. To kill that, shoot that tomato juice. It balances your palate right back out and neutralizes those acids altogether, leaving your mouth ready for some smoked meats.

Or another Rooster Tail.

But you probably already knew we were gonna say that.

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