lynchburg lemonadeBarbecue: Check.

Beer: Yup.

Koozies: Mos def.

Bourbon: If you didn’t know it last week, you sure know we’ve got it now.

Now, you can have that shot however you wish: straight, with a single ice cube or a Coca~Cola mixer.

But the best way to enjoy our bourbon is to order our Lynchburg Lemonade, our most special specialty cocktail, in which we dash a couple of shots of whiskey into a Mason jar packed with ice and lemonade.

So how can we say our bourbon is our bourbon?

We didn’t distill it, but we do smoke it. Sorta.

See, we smoke a piece of red oak, and then let those rich flavors mingle with the spirit by infusing it.

If the lemonade doesn’t round out that whiskey sting, the smokiness most surely will, which makes ’em real easy to drink.

It’s like fruit punch for adults with both low and highbrow tastes. Just remember to go slow, and don’t say you weren’t warned.

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