312The Midwest’s been getting its brew on lately. Sure, they may have to import their hops from us West Coasters, but once they get their industrious hands on them, they turn out some pretty good craft beers.

One place in particular, the Windy City’s Goose Island, has a special signature beer: the 312 (inspired by Chicago’s area code) is a summery wheat made with Cascadian hops, which prepare your mouth for the food we’re about to put in it.

With an ABV content of 4.2, these 12-ounce cans are exceedingly sessionable, so start with one, then order another just before knife-and-forking your way through your Smoked Half Chicken or your Chopped Salad.

Get ’em while you can, because wheaty beers taste best when the sun is out.


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