nwpaJust like that other “Portland” beer (PBR), the brilliant brewers at Fort George up in Astoria are getting behind bands. Local bands. Like Radiation City, Typhoon and Y La Bamba.

And they’re doing so by collaborating with their Portland record label, Tender Loving Empire, which has provided the edge-of-the-Western-world artwork that wraps around the 16-ounce cans of FGB’s NorthWest Pale Ale.

Thing is, you gotta drink yours soon, because this nearly 6 percent ABV ale won’t be around for long—FGB even has a ticker on their website indicating just how long you have to drink one of these before the last one’s been drunk.

You also notice, if you follow THIS LINK, that Fort George’ll treat you to on-location videos by all three bands, courtesy of FGB, TLE and Into the Woods TV.

So ask for one the next time you’re in. After all, you’ll always be able to down a can of PBR. A can of NWPA? Not for long.

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