kolschWe’re smack dab in the middle of spring, but it already feels like summer, doesn’t it?

And nothing pairs better with summer than light, crisp dry beers (and, of course, barbecue).

So the next time you come in for a sando or a plate of smoked chicken, ask us for a light, crisp, dry Kölsch, brewed by an amateur brewer-turned defense lawyer-turned husband-turned father-turned owner and head brewer of Occidental Brewing Co., which you can find in the shadows of the St. Johns Bridge just across the river up in North Portland.

Not quite a lager—it’s less bitter, if you can believe it—Occidental’s Kölsch goes down nice and easy and, despite its 16-ounces, it goes down fast, too, making it a good beer to knock back for all you carry-outers while you wait for our kitchen to finish your order.

Toast your spring, your early summer and your carry-out with a Kölsch.

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