cans of beerRemember when you were young and needed something to get you through the night? Something like a stuffed animal or a blankie?

Yes? Good.

Now remember last week when you tossed and turned because you apocalyptically dreamt that all things smoked meat had come to an end?

Yes? If so, we’ve got something to make your dreams a little sweeter—and smokier.

That’s right. Smokehouse 21 T-Shirts are back. The next time you’re in, ask us for one and we’ll send you home with one that fits.

Then the next next time you’re back, wear that shirt so it can soak up our restaurant’s smokey smell. Then, when you drift off to sleep later that night, cuddle with that shirt—it should keep those peak-‘cue nightmares at bay.

Also, Koozies are back, too, which’ll keep cold not only the cans of beer your pair with our smoked meats and sides, but also the cans of beer you drink at your own backyard summer barbecues.

So whether you dine in, or dine at home, show your colors and join the Smokehouse 21 Nation.

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