lil' yella pilsWhat exactly was Mick singing about in Mother’s Little Helper? Pills. Little yellow ones. The kind that did in Marilyn Monroe a few years before.

So listen to Mick, kids. Unless you’re Keith, those things’ll kill ya.

But Oskar Blues’s Mama’s Little Yella Pils?

Doubtful, unless you drink, like, a case of ’em before dinner.

It’s easy to see, with it’s one “L,” that this beer’s a pilsner, not a can of barbiturates.

And it goes down easy.

With an ABV of just over 5 percent, it’s a good session beer that we think pairs best with either our Pulled Pork, our Half Smoked Chickens, or, if you’re feeling like a Bavarian in need of a light lunch, our yummy Chopped Salad.

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