old chubIf a beer could be strong enough to make you sprout instant hair from your chest—and that includes you, too, ladies—then it would look, and drink, a lot like an Old Chub Scotch Ale.

And while it’s known as a Wee Heavy, don’t be fooled—that’s what Scots call a drink that’ll knock you on your ass.

And this one—with its smokey finish, its cola color, its malty sweetness and its formidable ABV of 8 percent—is a sucker puncher.

That’s why we suggest pairing it with something hearty—like our Macaroni-Cheese-and-Pulled Pork Special, or a Half-Rack of Spareribs.

But because of its mocha-like notes, we think it pairs best with a scoop of our Salt and Straw Coffee Bourbon Ice Cream.

Or even better, ask to float your scoop in a glass of Old Chub.


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