anthem ciderLong ago, an apple a day didn’t really keep the doctor away. But a Hard Apple Cider did.

Because the bacteria found in colonial waters had a penchant for killing us, we brewed hard ciders from the many, many apples harvested fro this young country’s many, many orchards.

Peasants drank them, as did presidents. We even reared our kids on the stuff.

But then our water got better. And so did our beer. And our wine. And before long, our love of ciders was on the outs.

Until now, that is. Because ciders are back, and they’re back strong.

Lately, some of you have been asking for it, especially those of you with gluten allergies. We listened. And despite our commitment to canned craft beer, we’re giving your what you want: bottles of Wandering Aengus Ciderworks‘ tart and dry Anthem Hard Apple Cider, fermented to an ABV of 6 percent with the apples harvested from the cidery’s Salem orchard.

So if you’re a cider lover, ask as to pop a cap on one (or two) and properly pair it (or them) with either our Pulled Pork or our Smoked Half Chicken plate. And if you really want the most out of your cider, pair either of those meats with our creamy, but not-too, Cole Slaw and our Fingerling Potato Salad, with all its mustard seeds and shallots and cornichons and smoked bacon.

Your mouth belly will thank you, but your mouth’ll thank you more.

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