omissionWe make meat that most of you want to eat. Those who don’t, we gave you Smoked Portobello Mushroom Sandwiches. And Wedge Salads. And, of course, beer because there’s no meat in beer. Although that does sound good.

And while some of you can eat meat till your seams burst, your allergy to gluten has prevented an increasing number of you from pairing all that pig with a cold one.

Until now.

You want gluten-free beer? You’ve got it, because now we’re pairing the meat you love with the suds you crave: introducing to our menu Widmer Brothers’ O-Mission Pale Ale.

Now, t’s impossible to cure a beer of all its gluten, kinda like it’s impossible to cure coffee of all its caffeine, but through a super secret trade practice, the Widmer Brothers have brewed a 6 percent ABV pale ale, and then sucked out of it nearly all the gluten.

That means your belly is in good hands. And will, soon, be full of both meat and beer.

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