chop saladWell, the good news for salad-eaters is that our menu now features another salad!

Of course, the bad new for some of those salad-eaters is that our Chopped Salad is also made of meat. Two kinds, actually: chicken aaaaaaaaaaaand bacon. But you probably could’ve guessed that.

Still, it’s not a lot of meat. Rather, it’s mostly tossed with our sherry vinaigrette and swirled into a twisty mountain of baby arugula, radicchio and bleu cheese crumbles.

It’s fresh and, even with that bacon, it’s light. And it’s perfect size to either share with your date before the “main event” arrives, or to covet and hog all to yourself for a light lunch.

Of course, if chicken and pig ain’t your thing, we’ll chop you one up sans.

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