dale's pale aleThe founding fathers didn’t invent Democracy and they didn’t invent beer.

But they knew one thing to be true: Nothing pairs with Democracy quite like a cold one.

Well, like the founding fathers, the crew that brews at Oscar Blues didn’t invent craft beer, nor did they invent aluminum cans.

But they, too, knew one thing to be true: Nothing puts a beer in your hand quite the way a can does.

Cans are easy to transport into and out of our National Parks. Cans are easy to recycle. But most importantly, cans were made for sticky hands. Sticky with barbecue, that is.

So swing by and ask beer that started the American Craft Canned Brew Revolution: Dale’s Pale Ale.

It’s got a 6.5 percent ABV, it’s got 65 IBUs, and it comes in a can that’s red, white and blue.

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