bachelorThere’s simply no way to make this look pretty. Nor is there a way to make it sound pretty.

But that’s neither here, nor there, because this thing eats pretty.

This “thing” is our Southern Bachelor Special, and the Southern Bachelor is house-smoked Pulled Pork, 3-Cheese Macaroni sando, garnished with a handful of Frito Corn Chips.

Think of it as an ungodly concoction made by God, himslef.

At four in the morning.

When he was drunk.

On beer.

Bad beer.

In other words, Heavenly.

But we got one thing that god don’t: Sides. And every Southern Bachelor comes with one. For just $12.

It may not cure you’re hangover, but it’ll certainly shorten it, because you’re gonna need a lotta Zs to sleep this thing off.

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