a la carteOkay sports fans. Wanna impress your hosts this Super Bowl Sunday?

Then skip the chips, skip the dips and opt instead for some sticky, sweet and smokey meat you can eat with your hands.

That’s right. We’ll be open all day on Super Bowl Sunday, giving you the chance to impress your friends by showing up during the pre-game with a platter of smoked meats that can be ordered either with sides or á la carte.


Looking for a quiet place to have a filling meal this Sunday because football’s not your thing?

Well, that’s us. As you already know, we have no TVs, so, no game. Just smoked meat, yummy sides, canned beer and bluesy music.


And don’t forget. We deliver, too. Actually, we don’t, but Delivered Dish will do it for us!


Smoked Meat, Three Ways: Dine In, Carry Out or Delivery.

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