ribs, lambSo yeah, we know. We’re Yankees.

And to a lot of people, Yanks got no right making no barbecue. Shucks, many people’ll tell you that Yanks should steer well clear of post-Reconstruction barbecue, if not barbecue altogether.

But by now, you know us. We’ve won the hearts of Texans and Carolinian lowlanders, alike (and to all you Parisians of the Plains, we’re coming for your hearts next).

You love us for our Brisket, you love us for our Pulled Pork, but do you love us yet for our Smoked Lava Lake Baby Back Lamb Ribs?

If your answer’s, “No,” here’s something that oughtta get your mouth watering:

One full rack of lamb, rendered of fat, rubbed with our super-super secret spices, smoked for three hours, painted sparingly, with our BBQ glaze and served hot, with extra napkins, a Wet Nap and your choice of two sides.

They’re lean, they’re green—meaning the little lambies lived long happy lives on a grass-fed diet at Lava Lake Farms in Idaho’s Wood River Valley—and they’re as mean as any smoked meat on our menu, and possibly even meaner than any smoked meat on any menu.

So if you haven’t yet tried ’em, come on in and dig in and let us stick our ribs to yours.

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