HUB IPAThey might give trophies to every kid these days, but beer drinkers are far more fickle—they’ll only award a trophy when a batch of suds merits one.

So, when the judges at the 2008’s World Beer Cup sent home the brewers at Hopworks Urban Brewery with a gold medal for their Hopworks Organic IPA, you know it was earned.

And no, you no longer have have to lug around a growler or a 22-ounce bottle to get’cher HUB IPA fix, because, as you already know, they’re canning their beers now, too.

Meaning you can take them with you to the river, you can take them with you to the lake, or you can park your seat in one of ours and pound back one of their 16-ounce Imperial “Pounder” Pints, while sucking our sauce from the tips of your fingers [Ed. note: typed it, reread it, recoiled—because it’s gross, innit?—but decided to go with it, because you’re an adult and you know what we mean].

What’re the numbers? Three hops, liberally employed, blanaced out with plenty of maltiness, a 6.6 percent ABV, a formidable 75 IBU ranking and a score of 100 percent on the Certified Organic Scale.

Just keep in mind when you’re knee-deep in barbecue, IPAs (emphasis on the plural) are tongue-numbers, and if you go over two, they’re tongue-twisting, eye-crossing, brain-numbers, too.

So No Shotgunning.

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