HUB lagerIf you’re native to the U.S., chances are the first sip of beer you ever supped was from bottled lager.

Right on the money, aren’t we.

There’s a lot to be said for ’em. They’re light, crisp and taste just right after mowing the lawn or watching the game from the bleachers.

But while a well-made lager might look like one of those bottled domestics, it’s tastes nothing at all like ’em.

A well-made lager’s got flavor, and thanks to Christian Ettinger and the brewers at Portland’s Hopworks Urban Brewery, we too’ve got that flavor, in spades—if spades were 16-ounce Imperial Pint cans.

With an ABV of 5.1 percent and score of 32 IBUs, HUB’s “Pounder” is a lager that tastes a lot more like the original German/Czech pilz Budweiser than it does the current King of Beers.

Plus, they’re made from a carbon-neutral brewpub just a few miles east of the river.

So come pair some with your ‘cue. They tastes as good in the winter as they does in the summer.

And they taste way, way better than what you’re used to, too.

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