mac specialJust because it’s gloomy on the outside doesn’t mean it’s got to be gloomy on the inside.

Inside you, we mean. And not abstractly, either. We’re not talking about your moods, here. We’re talking about your ribs, and what we think will best stick to ’em.

As you know, we have specials from time to time, and right now, we have one that everyone agrees is worthy of the adjective ribstickery: Pulled Pork Mac ‘N’ Cheese.

And it is like it sounds: a double portion of our bacony, cornbread-crusted 3-cheese Mac ‘n’ Cheese, topped with a liberal helping of our signature Pulled Pork.

Needless to say, it comes without sides (it’s two sides of mac ‘n’ cheese already!). Besides, you wouldn’t want or need them anyway.

It’s Starch. And Dairy. And Meat.


So when the winter blahs have got you blue, drop by and ask for our Special, and we’ll turns those blues into something bright and sunny, from the inside out.

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