torpedo1980: Reagan beat Carter, the Phillies beat the Royals and Mt. St. Helens covered the Pacific Northwest in ash. Darth Vader shared a secret, Blondie scored the year’s number one single and a pair of beer nerds took their home-brewing passion to the public, opening a brewery that many consider to be the birthplace of craft beer.

You can pretty much enjoy a Sierra Nevada no matter where you live—they’re live in all 50 states.

And now, you can enjoy one the next time you darken our door.

That’s right. We’re now serving Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo Extra IPA, a dry-hopped ale that clocks in with an ABV of 7.2 percent. But because the Torpedo’s dry-hopped, it’s never bitter—it’s IBU score of 65 may be standard for a standard IPA, but or an aggressive Extra IPA? It would seem impossible if it weren’t true.

And if that weren’t enough, they’re big, too, coming to us in 16-ounce Imperial pint cans.

So the next time your meat pangs are driving your blind, swing by, ask for a rack of Baby Back Lava Lake Lamb Ribs, pair ’em with Mac ‘n’ Cheese and BBQ Beans, and say, “Yes, I’d love a can of Torpedo to go with that.”

And Remember: Life’s Too Short. Eat Smoked Meat. Drink Craft Beer.

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