HUB A-BOMBThe face that graces the pint-sized cans of Hopworks Urban Brewery’s Abominable Winter Ale may seem scary, but we know that you know that it’s not. Not really. If you’re old enough to drink one, a scary cartoon face is something you can quite easily laugh off.

In fact, if you’re old enough to drink one, you’re probably aware that there are real things out there to fear.

Real things like access to quality health care. Or things like climate change. Or peak oil. Or the national debt.

So if any or all of those things having you chewing off your fingernails and pulling out your hair by the handsful, come on in and get away from it all by ordering up a plate of Smoked Brisket, and pairing it with a 16-ounce can of this coppery-colored ale, which its brewers have affectionately dubbed the “A-Bomb.”

It’s hoppy, but not too hoppy. It malty and sweet, but not too sweet. It’s local, brewed just over the river. And, as HUB tends to do, it’s 100 percent organic.

And with a nothing-to-sneeze-at ABV content of 7.3 percent, a can of it will ease your worried mind and sing away any of your long-lingering winter blues.

So join us, “belly up,” and ask for a can, because once all this winter’s figurative snow melts away and disappears, so too, will this seasonal winter ale.

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