Gold if finite. The earth has only so much of it to spare. But beer? Beer’s forever. Always has been. And as long as there’s clean water to drink and rain to water the hops, always will be.

So if you could follow a rainbow to the end of its line, would you really be disappointed to find where the ribbons meet the road a pot filled not with gold, but with beer, especially if that beer tasted like Caldera Brewing Company‘s Pale Ale?

Maybe. Gold is useful. But why bother to lug all that gold to a bank and exchange it for legal tender just to head back out to the beer store when you could drink that beer right on the spot?

Since 1997, Caldera’s been brewing its various lines of beer, but the only way you could get it was on draught. But then, in 2005, they became pioneers, and they’re now known as the very first Oregon brewery to “bottle” their beers in cans. Something we can totally get behind.

Denser that a lager or a pilsner and clocking in with an ABV of 5.6 percent and an IBU score of 55, this is an English-style pale, seasoned with a Pacific Northwestern’s penchant for hops. That means it’s smooth, with just the right amount of bite, making it the perfect beer to accompany your smoked half-chicken.

So the next time you see that rainbow, chase it, and don’t be surprised that it ends right at our front door, where we’ve got, on “ice,” a cold one waiting just for you.

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