First off, our Smoked Oyster Shooters do not include, as some have indicated, a drop of alcohol.

They are, however, rich in amino acids and zinc, which helps make your sexy go boom-boom.

In other words, our shooters have good things that are good for you—like a trio of shucked oysters, (briefly smoked, but still long enough to give all that raw a little bit of texture), cocktail sauce (the ingredients of we can’t divulge, other than to say, yes, that’s horseradish you’re tasting) and one artfully sliced lemon sail.

But the best part of all? Our Smoked Oyster Shooters won’t bleed your purses or wallets dry.

Seriously, they’re only $2 a pop—and just $1.50 during Happy Hour—meaning it costs less to knock back one shot than it does to board the MAX.

All you have to do is decide 1): Do I chew my oysters when I shoot ’em, or do I shoot ’em down like a shot of whiskey? and 2): How many shooter do I shoot?


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