What can’t you do with an egg or two? You can fry ’em, scramble ’em, baste or boil ’em. You can pickle ’em, whip ’em, flip or fizz ’em. But one of the yummiest ways for a mammal to savor the fruits of the flightless winged reptile is to devil the Hell into ’em.

Here’s how we do it.

First, we crack and peel our Weeble-shaped eggs, then cut off their “heads” and “feet,” so they won’t fall down when we put ’em on your plate. Then we cut ’em open, and scoop out their yolky seeds, and whip ’em into fluffy yellow clouds, which we then use to frost each egg’s empty hole.

Then, we double down on the deviling, don each egg with a silver-dollar sized hat cut from our hand-stuffed, house-smoked spicy Hot Link Sausages. And for the coup d’grace, we liberally dust the whole shebang with smoked paprika.

And that’s how you take something as sober and as churchy as a hard-boiled egg and convert into a sinful something that’ll leave you breathlessly and slavishly praying for a little bit more.

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