Dust off your Stetsons, polish your rhinestones and get ready to put a little jingle in your spurs, because we’re celebrating our first year in business with one helluva party.

What kind of party? As our fearless leader BJ says, “We’re gonna dress up like cowboys, we’re gonna play bingo, and we’re gonna have ourselves a good-old fashioned hoedown.”

Stop by any time on Sunday, November 11, and help us ring in our first year by taking advantage of our all-day food and drink specials.

Then, at 9pm, sharp, BJ’s gonna lead you and all your friends on a few rounds of Cowboy Bingo. Be the first to shout that word out and take home a complimentary gift certificate or some Smokehouse swag. We’re even staying open an hour later to make sure no one leaves with out a chance to win something good.

Think chairs made from hay bales, cheap and delicious food specials, discounted wines by the glass, craft beers by the can, down-and-dirty country music, pressed Wranglers, spit-shined cowboy boots and pearl-buttoned shirts.

“It’s gonna be a rowdy, good time,” says Smith.

So swing by, get your fill of smoked meats, take home some cool stuff, and before you leave, see if you can’t lead the room in singing us a Happy Birthday song.

See you soon!

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