There are pigs in the windows and pigs on the walls, but we know that you know that the best way—and maybe the only true way—to properly measure a barbecue joint is by its beef brisket.

And if you’ve ever had our brisket you know that it’s good. But if you’ve had some lately, you know that it’s even better. That’s because we’ve been playing around with how it’s prepared. And what we’ve come up with is something a lot like jackpot gold.

First, long before we even apply the rub, we render the excess fat from each cut of meat, meaning that your brisket will just that—brisket—and probably the leanest brisket you’ll find in this city.

Then, we smoke it for nearly a half-day, taking it out of the smoker every few hours to apply to each cut a little bit of magic. We can’t tell you what we do to it, but we can tell you that after we do it, your brisket will be so melts-in-your-mouth tender that it all but comes apart at its meaty seams.

Pair some up with some of our bacon-lardon’d Macaroni and Cheese and ourtart-and-tangy Braised Greens.

You can, of course, pair it with any of our other five sides. And if you do, don’t worry, we won’t judge. Besides, it’s not that you’d be doing it wrong. It’s that you’d be not doing it right.

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