Why do we consider Budweiser, a European-style lager dreamt up a German, and now produced by global beer barons living in Belgium and Brazil?

Because it was born, right here in America, that’s why.

And born, no less, on the 100th birthday of the Greatest Country On Earth™.

That’s right, the Little Country That Could, as the song goes, didn’t just gift to the world the Internet, Sushi, Taco Bell, Rodeos, Las Vegas, Popeye, Sportsmanship and Books. It also gave you, and it gave me, the King of Beers®.

And what, above all, goes down better than an ice-cold can of Budweiser? Barbecued smoked meats with an ice-cold can of Budweiser, that’s what.

And when you come see us, you already know that you don’t just get a meal fit for a king (or a queen), you a feast for your senses, too, like the smell of freshly-mown grass, the splash of summer pool parties and the clanging sound of horseshoes as they ring their stakes in backyards the land over.

In other words, you don’t just get smoked meats and braised greens, you get an endless summer of memories, dreams and ice-cold American-born beer.

So get some. And remember, you can’t spell America without Beer.

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