If you’ve ever tasted an heirloom tomato that’s just been plucked from the earth, then you know that nothing—nothing!—tastes better. It’s like your tongue is an orchestra and your taste buds a choir that the tomato conducts.

Sorta makes you wonder why you’d ever wanna bother with them store-boughts, right?

Well, we’ve got ’em. Heirlooms, that is. And you know what else you might not’ve known? Tomatoes are as Southern as they come.

Now you might think that nothing sounds as Southern as smoked meats, cold beers, warm nights and good friends, and you know, you’re probably not too far off.

But according to BJ, the man behind our smoker, those things ain’t got a thing on tomatoes, vinegar, cucumbers and red onions.

That’s why he’s taking all of those ingredients and tossing ’em together in a bowl just for you.

What you get is something light and healthy, tart and tangy, and—once we crumble in a little feta cheese—cheesy, too.

In other words—and in BJ’s words exactly—what you’re more-or-less getting is “the South in a bowl.”

Keep in mind, when the weather turns, we’ll swap out this salad for something a little winterier, but with the weather the way it’s been looking, we think we’ll be keeping this leafless salad around a little while longer.

Either way, when it goes, it goes, so you should come see us and get in here while the getting’s good!

And it’s meatless, too, so bring them vegan friends of yours.

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