The label’s iconic because the wine’s iconic.

Let us explain. Earlier this summer, to celebrate Portland’s 2012 Rose Festival, Oak Knoll Winery issued a Collectors Series special edition Rosé, a crisp, blushed wine that delicately balances a profile that teeters sweet and totters dry.

So who drinks Rosé? You do. Or you should. Because when the weather’s too warm for a Red and you’re not feeling up to a White, there’s nothing more suitable for you on a sunny, late-summer afternoon than the under-appreciated, too-often-neglected and truly, one and only pink wine (white zins ((shudder)), notwithstanding).

Plus, it goes as well with our smoked meats as it does with another glass.

And, with a nod to Rose City’s annual blues festival, the label has been graced by an electric guitar, in this case, a red Fender Stratocaster.

And you know played a red Fender Stratocaster? Buddy Holly. And Buddy Guy. And, occasionally, Jimi Hendrix. Although he mostly favored a white one. Like the white one he burned and smashed on stage at the Monterey Pop Festival. He was wearing red pants, though, when he did it.

Smoked meats, smoked guitars and late-summer pink wine.

Come enjoy ’em all, and you’ll see how, if for only a moment, they will cure any summer’s-ending-too-soon blues.

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