Nearly every single person who works here, whether they cook your food or serve it to you, is, almost to a person, a Midwesterner. We didn’t plan it this way, and nobody really knows how it happened. It just did.

And while we’re all happy to call Portland home, there are a few things we miss, like thunderstorms, that first snowfall and, occasionally, even Juggaols.

And then there’s the cuisine.

No one’s really sure who can lay claim to Frito Pie, but if backed by an army of the bravest Juggalos (and they’re all brave, aren’t they?), we Midwesterners are pretty certain that we can handle whatever armies the Deep South or Texas throw at us.

So what’s in a Frito Pie? Fritos. And chili. And cheese. That’s it.

Ours, however, is a little more sophisticated. It’s made with our homemade Barbecue Beans and our house-smoked-and-stuffed Texas-style Hot Links.

And Fritos. And cheese.

And so far, no matter where you’re from, you seem to like it, too. Really, we’ve taken from your tables plenty of bowls that you’ve finger-licked it so clean that they’re as white and as dry as desert-bleached bones.

Just keep this in mind: As an app, it takes a little longer than it would to throw together a salad or an order of cornbread, because a Frito Pie’s first gotta bake.

And in fact, it’s probably likely that you’ll eat it faster than it takes us to make—not because there’s so little of it, but because you just won’t be able to help yourself.

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