As you know, we’re a work-free smoke place. And we serve beer. In cans. Wrapped in Koozies.

We also make sticky, sweet, smokey food you’ll want to eat with your hands. In other words, our menu is scattered with plenty of plates fit for a Viking funeral.

We’ve got racks of Lamb Ribs, Half-Chickens and, if you wanna go whole-hog, full platters of Barbecue Spare Ribs. They’re meaty, messy and served with their bones in.

So what kind of beer best pairs with something that can only be eaten using your hands?

The one that comes in black-and-gold 16-ounce cans. The one that sports the image of a Viking’s horn-helmeted, beardy face.

But that’s just the soft sell. The hard sell is this:  Fearless Brewing Company‘s Scottish Ale, brewed in nearby Estacada, doesn’t merely taste good, it’s made for visceral, meaty, eating experiences.

And if you’ve grown tired of Pacific Northwest brewers trying to endlessly outhop one another, this is the beer for you.

It’s caramel-colored, dry, malty, slightly smokey and has a pleasant biscuity finish. At only 30 IBUs, it’s not at all bitter, and, with an ABV of 5.3 percent, it would make a nearly perfect session ale, were it not for the 16-ounce cans in which it comes.

Plus, Fearless is even more committed to cans than we are (they don’t bottle).

And their mascot’s a Viking.

So come in, get messy, get full, raise your can and, beard or nor beard, dig in.


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