smokehouse-21-portland-barbecue-corn-on-the-cobBesides whatever meat you’re fixin to cook, summer barbecues and picnics are incomplete without the following: beer, friends (and sometimes family) and fresh ears of corn on the cob.

So, how are we faring with those indispensable barbecue ingredients?

Beer? Check. Friends (and sometimes family)? That all depends (but we have faith in you!). Corn on the Cob? Finally, check.

Historically and culturally speaking, corn is about as American as it gets. You could find it all over the Americas then, you can find all over the Americas now, and now you can it on our menu.

The question, then, is how do you jazz up something that is already, in many ways, perfect?

By (briefly) smoking it, of course. Then, once it’s ready and heated up for you, we garnish it with a liberal schmear of garlic-tarragon butter.

So to vegetarians and carnivores alike: if you’re looking for a light (and meatless) bite for lunch or dinner, swing on in, order up our Smoked Portobello Sandwich, pair it with a half-ear of some of the tastiest corn you’ll ever try and let us complete your summer barbecue experience.

Beer sold separately.

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