portland-barbecue-pickled-watermelon-saladBesides blowing one up with an M-80 on the 4th of July, nothing quite says summer like slicing up and sharing one of nature’s beautifully striped, brilliantly colored and meatiest of fruits: the Watermelon.

It’s also a barbecue staple, and that is why you can now find watermelon on our menu.

Thing is, watermelons are pretty to look at and fun to eat, has they a very, very subtle taste that, for a fruit, is just barely sweet.

So how do you jazz one up? By splitting it open, slicing it into one-cubic-inch bites and then pickling those bites in a secret summer brine.

Artfully arrange a few of those slices atop a bed of a sherry vin-tossed arugula and then sprinkle over it all crumbles of feta cheese and you’ve got our deconstructed take on a fresh, cold, classic summer salad.

So come on in and give our Pickled Watermelon Salad a spin. It’s still sweet, but it’s also tart, tangy, leafy and, just like fruit itself, pleasingly colored in whites, greens and reds.

And, like our Smoked Portobello Sando, it’s yet another meatless addition to our smoked meats menu.

As always, silverware is optional.

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