Once upon a time, and against our better judgement, we preferred white bread over brown bread, white corn tortillas over the standard gold and, strangely, we liked our brown rice bleached white. White, for some reason, was right (although inexplicably, we liked our white cheddar dyed orange. Go figure).

For a while, the same could be said of mushrooms. Because we liked them white, bright and shiny, we often avoided brown mushrooms, foolishly neglecting some of the tastier ones, like the diminutive crimini.

But then, a very clever neologist had the insight to glamorize the fully grown crimini, characterized by its wide, meaty cap, by assigning it a new, prettier name: the Portobello.

And now, they’re everywhere. They’re in our supermarkets, they’re charred on our home grills and officially, they’re now on our menu.

So to all the the vegetarians out there who often find yourself dragged by your sweetheart to our sticky, sweet palace of meat: rejoice (!), because we’ve come up with something especially for you.

Introducing our new Smoked Portobello Sandwich.

First, we de-stem our Portobellos and soak the caps overnight in a garlicky blend of vinegar and olive oil. Then, because we are a smokehouse, we smoke them, but briefly—less than an hour—further fortifying the mushroom’s texture and taste.

Sandwiched on a Ken’s Artisan ciabatta roll and garnished with fresh arugula, pickled fennel and tangy crumbles of chevre, our Smoked Portobello Sando is designed to please those who’ve either chosen a meatless diet or who prefer a lighter lunch.

So come on in, take a bite and know that we’re not in this just to provide you with yummy, smokey food. We might even help save your relationship.

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