We like this beer because you can get it in only two ways: on draught or in clean, green, environmentally sound(er), boldly designed cans.

And whether or not you think black IPAs are a passing trend or are here to firmly stay, there’s no mistaking that 21st Amendment Brewing Company‘s Back in Black India Pale Ale is a well-crafted, well-balanced microbrew that tastes as good on its own as it does when washing down some good old-fashioned, down-home.

Think of Back in Black like you would a Venn Diagram: it sorta lives in that intersection where IPA and Porter-Stout brewing techniques meet. In other words, it’s that little miracle that’s produced when an IPA and a Porter love each other very much.

So, since we already know what separates a pale ale from an IPA (the IPA’s heavily hopped), but what makes it black as pitch?

That would be the darkly roasted German dark malts. So what you get, in the end, is a strong IPA—with an ABV of 6.8 percent and 65 IBU score, it’s not a beer for the unpracticed novice—with piney, citrusy notes, and a subtle, almost secret maltiness, that perfectly pairs with dark, rich, tangy flavors.

In other words, it pairs well with meat, especially our Baby Back Lamb Short Ribs, our Pork Spare Ribs and our spicy, housemade, hand-stuffed Texas Hot Links.

So get’cher meat on and dose it a splash or two of good, American-made, black beer.

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